Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Of course Delilah's first word would be Daddy, i only cook and clean and do everything for her.

 Don't get me wrong i am not scornful i had told myself to respect the fact her name starts with "D" so technically we encouraged her the whole time! (even me). I am however a little jealous of Mr Favorite, i wont lie. Every time he comes home from work no matter what mood she is in - she could be howling and screaming - and he comes in the room and her face lights up and she gives the biggest, gummiest, yummiest smile ever! I can't complain though i get to play with her all day.

Today she used my face as a teething ring and then took a little rest with her elbow in my eye socket, then subsequently started to blow bubbles (and by bubbles i mean expressing saliva everywhere)

So she is now almost 7 months old, what is happening in our world?

she is starting to crawl!
she has 2 teeth breaking through (poor baby)
she eats solids.. like a good mummy i make it for her
she speaks a lot and laughs even more
she does not appreciate a 7pm bed time
she LOVES swimming so much she kicks her legs before she is in
her naps aren't as long and frequent

the dishes still need to be done again and her toys away but she wakes up soon and i would prefer to play with her instead...