Tuesday, 22 May 2012

almost 1

"special qualities from her dad ;)

Among us ladies and gentlemen is a little girl. Still my baby (always my baby) but now Miss Delilah is becoming more human i dare say. She takes every little detail in her sights and processes it all with so much thought just watching her is a marvel. When i speak, i mouth my words more clearly and casually sing the alphabet when ever i feel the need to because i know she is listening and learning. Children are such a miraculous discovery and i am honestly amazed to find the words to describe how it makes me feel.

I am a proud mother  she lightens my day. At the moment we are about a month away from the big ONE! and all i can think about are bloody cake decorations, i mean the cake that i am going to make will be a spectacle and there will be icing flowers i can assure you. (also maybe contemplating rice paper cut outs and eatable glitter. but whatev.) 

Did you know that at almost 12 months of age we are now almost walking, we eat spaghetti (the curly kind) with meat and tomato! we can have chunks and yum crackers. She laughs when i laugh and thinks drumming my head is the best instrument in the house, she can eat with her hands and loves to read! This morning i could hear her wake up and start to babble and talk and laugh at herself - which is slightly un usual because she usually just yells at me.- so i wonder in quietly and she is lying down with a book in her hands reading out loud. 

She is most certainly growing into a beautiful little girl and although i miss her tiny state i am almost enjoying this part of her life the most.

yes. that is her foot.. im thinking ballerina?

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

give me a good reason

Lately I have been thinking to myself at the end of the year what are the things that i want out of the weight loss. Is there anything that i truly want or strive for? So i came up with a few things, they are simple things. Probably a little silly but hey! whats life without some sort of silly? Well here a few things i want in life..

expensive jeans

In my eyes that is my ideal size.

3.flat tummy

here are only 3, i know there will be more but these simple ones are some what the most important to me right now. 

I guess the main reason for something like this is to have a final product of all the hard work I am doing!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

baby blues

There are only a few small things that make parenting hard and a little bit useless in their own right. Teeth. Just like a contagious disease they pop out of no where and then spread not 1 by one but at the moment 4 at the same time and it is so horrible. Not only for me being cried at but for my little angel who is so beautiful and little, who has no idea why her mouth is so sore!   It is certainly the strongest of challenges so far.

The truth - is and I really have to allow myself to admit this- being a mummy is challenging sometimes! I just hope that they all come threw quickly and give me and my baby a long awaited break.

Yesterday was sunshine and warm so we were lucky to go outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather and (secretly tire miss Delilah out so she would sleep well) and get a bit of Vitamin D which i find so important to have, the benefits are much more visible on a baby im sure. But today is raining and cold so inside we must stay. What mischief can we get up to today? well we have already messed the play room (before 9am) so i am ticking that as a successful play time!

Did you no that when Delilah was born her daddy decided to buy her a Ukulele and much to my surprise she takes her delicate little fingers and strums the strings, genius? yes i think so.

I just think sometimes as a parent we are aloud to be honest with ourselves and others and admit it can be hard and absolutely exhausting. It can be annoying and rude and disrespectful of my needs when i am tired but we are human and so is that little girl and i love her. She is human and expressing herself in the most honest way i ever thought possible of witnessing.

This is just me collecting my thoughts and readdressing the past couple of weeks.