Tuesday, 8 May 2012

give me a good reason

Lately I have been thinking to myself at the end of the year what are the things that i want out of the weight loss. Is there anything that i truly want or strive for? So i came up with a few things, they are simple things. Probably a little silly but hey! whats life without some sort of silly? Well here a few things i want in life..

expensive jeans

In my eyes that is my ideal size.

3.flat tummy

here are only 3, i know there will be more but these simple ones are some what the most important to me right now. 

I guess the main reason for something like this is to have a final product of all the hard work I am doing!

1 comment:

  1. This is perfect to help you reach your goals though - you need goals, or an idea in mind of what you actually want to achieve - that's what keeps you going! You'll get there too B, you've done so so so so well :)

    p.s YES we can absolutley do a D button together, we'll have a craft day at mine or yours :)