Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Consciously Healthy

I was casually going through some blogs and i came across this blog (Life's Shiny Pretty Things) that had mentioned a 30 day challenge of any sorts and it got me thinking. What can i achieve in 30 days? And although it technically hasn't been exactly 30 days i am 8 days strong into my Consciously Healthy Eating challenge. What does that really mean to me?

Well since having beautiful Delilah i have been noticeably more conscious of my weight and healthy eating. I packed on a little and have already given myself a year to lose 10kgs which is going well i think. I just really wanted to do something extra. So what is it?? Well it is pretty simple really. No white carbs. 

Now i love food, don't get me wrong but! i also know pasta, rice, bread and potato's are heavy in carbohydrates. My main goal was to find an alternative way to eat the foods i love without all those things i mentioned before... 

Breaking down the basics for breakfast: Eggs! 2 Large eggs either scrambled or omlet. i experiment with spices and different veggies other wise it is boring. With lunch its easy salad with a piece of fruit. 

Dinner is my favorite and can i just say the adventure you take yourself with this is so surprising. Take a stir fry for example you assume that noodles or rice is the perfect accompany But all i did was replace those 2 things with a lettuce cup. So simple. and so delicious!  

you will need: lettuce leaves, cucmber, bok choy, red capsicum, beef (or chicken) and an onion

saucy?: soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic and black pepper

boil water in a sauce pan and cook bok choy (it wont take long)

simply add the ingredients then all the sauce and stir until all is covered.

place in a lettuce cup and enjoy!

(a fantastic thing about fish sauce is that you don't need to add any salt.)


  1. I love lettuce wraps - and these sound delicious. Definitely making them.

    And, i read that challenge too (love her blog)... it was an amazing post.

    xo everything-pretty.com

  2. B I was salivatingggg reading this! I have never been game to try this one dish Ive wanted to forever (I THINK it's Japanese?) that involves lettuce leaves but I so must. Before that though I'm gonna try this recipe - I'll let you know how I go :) p.s Thank you for mentioning my blog it brought a WIDE smile to my face xxx

  3. i actually forgot to add celery leaves to the ingredients list! it is delicious thanks for your comments :) xx