Saturday, 28 April 2012

spreading a smile

smile though you're heart is breaking.
i just really want to post a little message out there to smile! lately i go to the shop and i look around and smile at passing strangers or say thank you for moving out the way of the pram when i have no where to go and I am finding no one smiles back or says a quick welcome. I just feel at the moment the atmosphere is in individual pockets around individual people, im just sad and maybe i have no place to say this but i am going to.

what can you do? 

lift your head up! you are stunning and with a smile on your face you are encouraging a tiny glimmer of trust in a community.

thanks! just say thank you to people for small things. appreciate their existence! 

Be aware of your space - yes i think we should be a tighter nit unit as a society but being kind and open also means being aware of other peoples space and your own! 

Stay positive - life  is not so bad. Don't dwell on the small things if someone makes a mistake let it go. It is ok that they made a mistake because we are human. 

chivalry doesn't have to die. Offer your help if you can when someone needs it.

Let's make a pact to do 1 nice thing for a stranger everyday and make the world a bit brighter. PLEASE! i am sick of people hanging their heads. 


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  1. What a great post. I strive to be positive, friendly and appreciative every day. And, I loved reading this post on a monday morning - great start to the week!