Thursday, 19 April 2012

oh what a beautiful day

Here we are after many months absent i have to admit i have been a little busy running after my crawling, almost talking all singing little girl  baby girl..

Imagine it like those amazing weeks that just end as fast as they started but with a glimmer of awe and a small shimmer of sadness. How time flies when you're having fun.

10 months does wonders to a human being especially when this human was born at 6 pound 4 ounces with a fine chance of surviving the grand entrance. Since then we have grown together and learnt a lot. I have found strengths in me i never knew i had, patience and awareness have all taken a grasp to my senses. I am grounded.

It is safe to say my little monster is hilarious and i am Happy to announce "mummy" is now in her vocabulary - thanks baby!. She eats everything including :

broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkin, pea's and corn. We are just starting to slowly give her pieces to chew and all these wonderful achievements she is making are frequent and glorious. (i did almost shed a tear when she picked up some banana and put it to her mouth all on her own. just between you and i)

did i miss any?

can i eated this leaf?


  1. Oh gosh you're back!! YAY! Now dont ever leave me out in the cold like that again. I miss your writing and pics and honesty. Dont forget too this little one (Delilah of course) LOVES her watermelon. She was so so funny when I was feeding it. P.s I cant believe she picked up banana herself to eat. SHES GROWING UP TOO FAST haha


  2. back with a vengeance ha, ill try my best to keep you updated more and write more stuff :)

    she really is growing up so quickly! its a bit crazy.