Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I have decided to call my "new years resolutions" simply goals. I have not yet once made a resolution and kept it. So i figure if i change that word and consider my options for the year extract all the bull shit what do i want to happen in the New Year what can i do to make it the best year i can.

MY new years goals:

- regular exercise and healthy eating.
- To lose 10 kilo's
- To do a pottery class or a tafe course
- get more creative eg. cooking, painting and something fun for Delilah
- Plan the best 1st birthday party that ever was!

For the moment i am just going to leave it at that otherwise i am just going to overwhelm myself with too much stuff. These few things are simple and not exactly impossible. I really am looking forward to the new year to see what i make of it...

what will anyone make of 2012

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  1. I wish you the best in your goals.