Sunday, 18 December 2011


There is something unique about admiring someone especially if they have a passion for a particular way of expressing their opinion of life. When you look at someone who means the world to you for so long it is easy to forget all the beautiful things in his mind. A photographer can be anyone and everyone but its those who capture life in its raw capabilities is truly inspiring. You have to remind yourself asking him to take photo's is like telling an injured ballerina to dance again. The love is there but the interest is almost impossible to regain after a dry spell... I just wanted to show you a piece of my boyfriend that i am sure he would modestly throw his head back and say its nothing, its just pictures. But i can tell you it is more than that, its art. Anyone who can visualize life as art will always be precious in my heart.

there are only a few but i encourage to take a look, they will take your breath away....

have a look here

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