Monday, 28 November 2011

what i use

It is so important to know what goes on your babies body as well as your own.

Not so long ago my brother introduced me to a 100% natural product called Yoh, this wonderful woman wanted to make a difference and is working hard to make it happen. Whether it be shampoo + conditioner, face cleanser and moisturizer or baby creams, balms and body washes they all are amazing!
I have been using the facial cleanser every single day for about 6 months and still have almost half the bottle left and my skin feels soft and break-out free!
Delilah hasn't had any problem's with nappy rash and i feel happy and safe using it on her. I use the Sore botty cream, the shampoo + body wash and the botty balm.

One of my favorite products is the body exfoliating cream, it smells amazing, it feels amazing once you have used it and so simple to use.

I am not usually one to care enough about something that i announce it publicly but this really is worth your time. As well as being made out of natural products the woman who creates these miracle creams, balms and washes does it all on her own. 

 Visit her website here to have a look and see if there is anything that takes your fancy and give it a go:

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