Sunday, 13 November 2011

don't apologise

These day's I occasionally find myself apologizing to friends because I can't do everything like before and i find that a hand full cannot relate or understand.

I will admit I am young so have only just crossed the going out, going clubbing getting drunk stage and believe me when i say i was the alcoholic life of the party. So now I go out if i can and rarely drink. I sit and make chit chat and enjoy my short lived freedom.

Lately I have been noticing that because i am not as inclined to get blind drunk I am being judged and it is the most peculiar thing... As a result of my new found maturity and responsibility I can finally open my eyes to the people around me and really take note of who deserves my company as well as changing myself, life in itself is changing and it is SCARY! Unfortunately the truth is i might have to choose the company i surround myself with and this is scary because the reality of high school being well and truly over has suddenly dawned on me. We are growing up and growing out.

I think it is so important to embrace every moment and enjoy your life. Therefor i wont ever apologize here on for not being somewhere because that would mean saying sorry for being a mummy.


  1. B I LOVE this post. You inspire me to know that decisions I make with my own friends (or non friends) are the right ones as it really is important to know who actually deservves ur time and love. With my recent cull (u know who!) I have found to be a million times happier and less insecure and find the friends I have kept close I can give my genuine time and love too. Thanks for an insightful post that made me smile xxx

  2. I am glad you took something from this :) i really wanted to get a bit of a message out there just to acknowledge change as a good thing! even if it kind of sucky at the time..

    happy to make you smile :D xoxox

  3. Love this post. I admire that you are willing to let go of friendships that no longer work eventhough the changes scare you. That takes true courage. You'll do well I'm sure! :)