Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The cursed jumpsuit

The cursed jumpsuit happens to be one of my favorite of Delilah's outfits but i have come to the realization that it is in fact. CURSED!

I have tried to take her out in it many times and assure myself that what happened last time was just a once off. maybe i had coffee instead of decaff. or maybe i shouldn't have made that yum curry for dinner.
i convince myself enough that i surrender to her cute little onesie and it beats me, every time.

For example the other day was about to meet my mum for a coffee and as i pull up in the car park a large volcano irrupts in the baby seat. Of course she laughs because i'm sure she felt relief, but it isnt funny to mummy! especially not funny to the jumpsuit and for making nanny wait ever so patiently while i had to race her to the parenting room and say bon voyage for the 3rd time. Since this incident i have been a little cautious to dress her in it (for obvious and very realistic reasons)
until today. It is hot and i just want to test the water's a little bit and see if the cursed jumpsuit can make its redemption!

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