Wednesday, 16 November 2011


first's are the things you wont forget in a hurry. 
From the very first ultrasound, the first smile and everything else.
These are just a few milestones i would like to share

She had her first sip of water the other day and i wasn't fast enough with the camera and missed it.
Call me a little obsessive but i want a keep-sake of every minute.

My little angel is growing so fast.
On the 29th June 2011 my daughter was born at 6 pounds 4 ounces (2.8kilo's)
and now she is 8 whole kilo's!

eight whole kilo's

So far i have lost about 13 kilo's or so since having Delilah and that is a huge milestone for me because not only have i lost weight but i have committed to afternoon and weekend walks and am bringing Jay in the mix of exercising. 
It might be something small but it matter's to me a great deal. Just like every tiny first of Delilah's means a great deal.  


  1. what lovely pictures, your daughter is beautiful x

  2. Delilah is so cute! And congrats on your milestone - am loving your healthy recipes you're sharing.