Thursday, 3 November 2011

now 4 months

like a breath of fresh air! that first night she slept right through the night.. i have not felt this human in well over 3 months and i have a knew excitement for getting up and getting started..

my new day starts at 7 instead of 5am i get up and feed her and we play and talk and then go for a walk around the block.

the dishes aren't done. her toys are still on the ground and i don''t really care..

what happens at 4 months?

she can hold her head up on her own
babble and talk and mouth words
she can hold her head up when on her tummy
playing with toys and being interested in EVERYTHING
laughing (melting my heart and reduced me to tears the first time i heard it)
all these new achievements make everything else not at all important and i hope that other mother's out there take this precious moment to en-hale the love and appreciation that your baby shows you every day. 

so my only question is... were the hell did this year go?
I almost feel guilty that i didnt spend enough time to just stop and look at her longer or take more photo's because she has grown into this little person over night. yesterday she couldn't roll on her side. today she can! i blinked and she had shuffled herself around i am so so proud to be a mother.
she is an angel and i love her.


  1. Its such a beautiful gift that we can bring such beautiful lil bundles of joy into the world!
    They do grow very fast.. My little obe turns 1 on tues! Oldest starts kindy next year! Time flies!

  2. wow that is 2 huge mile stones! i think when school comes around im going to cry my eyes out lol