Sunday, 6 November 2011

breast is best?

breast feeding is sometimes a sticky subject and until i had Delilah i never knew how complicated and controversial it really can be.

From the massacred nipples to the awkward moment when your bubby is hungry in public and all the other delights of breast feeding it is such an important aspect to being a mummy.

I was sitting in a restaurant having lunch with a friend and little lilah started crying and since i hadn't planned on being out for long i hadn't expressed so my only option was to get ma boob out!
i had prepared in that i had a maternity bra on and an extra shirt so there was no visual of my breast. Funnily enough i noticed a man get up and move away and that was fine because obviously he was a little self conscious of the situation and didn't make a fuss.

But the fact is is that i just wanted to get up and go all the way home just so i could feed my hungry baby because i was so embarrassed.
So it got me thinking about all the fuss in the news about how breast feeding mothers shouldn't feed in public because its awkward for those in the public and blah blah blah... you know what? how dare anyone tell me were i should feed my child. And why would it be awkward for anyone else, they have the option of walking away. If they think it is difficult for them how the hell do you think i feel when i see someone watch me and then shake their head. I promise if you keep looking at me i will flash you! I don't want to feel like i have to go to the darkest corner in the room to feed.. that's my vent over.

I also wanted to give a few pieces of advice that i found worked:

after the first couple of feeds make sure you soak the nipples in warm salt water.. it sounds too simple to work but it does, trust me!
make sure when you put nipple cream on you tweak them at the same time even though it will be painful it helps toughen them up.
make sure you place it above her lip so she has a chance to latch properly
and dont give up! its hard at first and painful but if you stick with it and do these few simple steps you will be fine :)

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