Saturday, 22 October 2011

gardening is like doing the dishes.

"no, its not weeds. just mow it anyway." i said to my partner as the rent inspection was the next day and i just wanted it done!
well, now i have silently elected myself to reverse the damage i have inevitably caused from my reckless gardening. For any of you who garden can appreciate how much effort it takes to fill an entire green waste bin with weeds and tree cuttings on your own! i learnt something today: men don't respond to reverse psychology and had to send Negative Nancy away before i seriously put a rake in his hand.

Just like the dishes, the longer you leave them the worse they get and there is no away around them as both sit scornfully awaiting. As painful as it seems the end product makes it all the more worth while! it's such a satisfying feeling looking back and seeing all the sweat and back breaking work had in fact made such a difference..

Thankfully Delilah slept peacefully and woke just as i was sweeping up. good timing baby :)

next week its the front yards turn!


  1. i only wish i had before and after pictures!

  2. It looks so good :) I think you've finally inspired me to try to start my own herb and veggie garden.