Sunday, 16 October 2011

a house wife? what?

I currently don't have a job so technically this makes me a house wife. (even though i am not married)
my mornings go something like this:

5.30AM - feed lilah, feed new kitten i found back to bed

7.50am - get up bath lilah feed her let her play

9.30 - she has a sleep.

i have between 45mins to 2 hours to eat breakfast, shower, do the dishes and what ever else...

lets say she wakes up at 12. 

feed her, change her play with her: tummy time and generally keep her happy since she is going through this cling faze and i am not allowed to put her down which is ok by my because there is nothing better than a 3 month baby cuddle. 

so by now its about 2 and havent had a chance to do anything really and she will go down for another nap around now. a shorter one but still a nap!
i have about 45 minutes to scrub the bathroom clean the laundry vacuum the floors tidy the clutter. You can start to understand how fucking hard it can be to keep things together..

by 4.30 im getting ready for our afternoon walk which is around the block and takes about 45mins.
home by about 5.30 then its shower time then dinner time by 6 and then in bed by 7.
after that i want to just sit down. but i have to cook dinner as well so the mess is back, hooray i have something to do for tomorrow (as if there is nothing else to do) and its a monday which means the partner has been home and he sleeps in so getting anything done is impossible because i dont want to wake him up. did i mention the 3 week old kitten i found? yeah. its still in nappies.

I love my job, i do. i just wish i had a double who would clean for me while i was playing and feeding the baby. maybe one that didn't try their luck and give me advice?.. i am sure thats a wish many of you mums have out there, especially the single ones. i dont no how you do it!

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  1. I so so admire you mums for what you do, its way more than a full time job could ever be. We get breaks and can 'check out' whenever we please. From the moment you wake up (generally never on ur own time either), till the moment you go to sleep, your time is devoted to others and you are at work. You're amazing b!! I LOVEEEEE these pics too - how darling that she has to have you in sight even when you're doing the dishes. Sooo cute.